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Khadi | Herbal Hair Colour | Golden Hint

  • Vendor: Khadi
  • Product Code: S-1443
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A touch of gold from nature. With Khadi herbal hair colour Golden Hint you can create a shining golden glimmer in your hair. The result will vary depending on your initial colour.

Light, grey or white hair shines in golden blond to copper. Pigmented hair sparkles with warm gold reflexes. Blond hair will freshen up - for new shine.

The Khadi hair colour Golden Hint is 100% natural and vegan. With valuable ingredients such as henna extract, turmeric and cassia, your hair shines with subtle to deep gold reflexes depending on the exposure time. Khadi hair colour is free from synthetic ingredients such as ammonia, azo colours or parabens.

The colour pigments wrap around every single hair and strengthen it. Your hair feels voluminous and well-groomed. The Khadi Golden Hint gives your hair a healthy gold glow - for a naturally beautiful colouring experience.

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