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Milkio | Grass Fed Sheep Ghee | 250 ml | Keto Paleo | 100% Natural New Zealand made

  • Vendor: Milkio
  • Product Code: S-1952
  • Availability: SOLD OUT
  • NATURAL NEW ZEALAND GRASS-FED SHEEP GHEE: The sheep ghee is produced from authentic and hygienic traditional methods using unadulterated New Zealand ingredients. Milkio Grass Fed Sheep Ghee is using the pure milk obtained from happy and well-nourished sheep that graze year round on open pastures of lavish quality grass.
  • VERSATILE: Milkio Grass Fed Sheep Ghee offers a high smoke point. It doesn’t break down into phytonutrients and release carcinogenic free radicals like other common cooking oils. It is an adaptable addition to any cuisine. Just add Milkio sheep ghee into your roasts, soups, breads, veggies, BBQs or sauces/dressings, and enjoy unique taste and scrumptious flavor. You can use it in baking, sautéing, deep frying, and in seasoning
  • NO FOOD ALLERGY: Milkio Grass Fed Sheep Ghee is lactose and casein free, hence lactose intolerants can consume it without the risk of food allergy.
  • HEALTHY: This nourishing fat is enriched with Omega-3, Omega-6 and Butyric acid, packed with nutrients, taste, and purity.
  • KETO FRIENDLY: Milkio’s sheep ghee is suitable for many diets including a Keto, Paleo, gluten free, lactose free, sugar free, LCHF or low-FODMAP diet.

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