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Milkio | Himalayan Pink Salt Grass-fed Ghee | 250 ml | Keto Paleo

  • Vendor: Milkio
  • Product Code: S-1953
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Milkio’s Himalayan Pink Salt grass-fed ghee is locally made from grass-fed clarified butter and pure Himalayan Pink salt until the milk solids are removed, leaving behind the pure clarified fat.

No refrigeration is necessary.

100% natural: Milkio’s Himalayan pink salt grass-fed ghee butter by Milkio Foods is free from antibiotics and growth hormones. The finest dairy produced by grazing cows in open pastures of lush New Zealand grass is used, ensuring you best quality Himalayan pink salt ghee.

Free from: GMOs, artificial colors, MSGs, and preservatives.

Perfect for high-heat cooking: An excellent alternative to the cooking oils and salted butter in your diet. Milkio’s Himalayan pink salt ghee butter can be directly consumed by the addition to hot beverages, or can be integrated into a wide variety of high-heat cooking; sautés, barbeques, baking, etc.

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