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Organic Hibiscus Tea

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Hibiscus tea is a brilliant red flower tea with a refreshingly sweet and tangy taste. It works well as an invigorating warm tea or a refreshing iced beverage.


Health Benefits

With their large, vibrantly colored petals, hibiscus flowers have become an iconic symbol for a tropical paradise. Typically found in warm and tropical climates, hibiscus plants vary in size from little shrubs to small trees. Likewise, their flowers have their own individuality, and come in a broad range of colors and sizes, with red being one of the most popular. Hibiscus blossoms are the national flower of South Korea, Malaysia, and Haiti. They also have spiritual significance and play an important part in Hindu ceremonies. Though many may find it surprising, these beautiful flowers are edible and are served dried or coated in sugar to create candied hibiscus flowers in many parts of the world.

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