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Maharishi Ayurveda | Pitta Tea

Organic Pitta Tea is the perfect answer when you're feeling intense or frustrated. Drunk warm or cool, it helps cool down...

Maharishi Ayurveda | Pitta Shampoo

Refreshing shampoo specifically formulated for frequent use on for all hair types, particularly for the most sensitive hair. Specific ingredients...

Maharishi Ayurveda | Pitta Spice Blend | Churna | Organic Certified | 50gm | Coriander | Fennel | Cumin

A sweet, mild but exotic mix of coriander, fennel, cumin, sugar, cardamom, ginger, turmeric and cinnamon. Cools and soothes Pitta...

Hurraw! Pitta Lip Balm, Coconut Mint Lemongrass (4.3 g)

Pitta balm:An herbal infusion of amalaki.The tropical smell of coconut merges with uplifting Malagasy lemongrass and the refreshing tingle of...

Maharishi Ayurveda | Pitta Soap - Sandalwood

Maharishi =Pitta Soap is produced on a purely herbal basis – with natural oils and fragrant aroma essences. With a...

Healthy Pitta Tablets | Certified Organic | Balancing for Pitta

Healthy Pitta is a soothing blend of herbs formulated specifically to balance Pitta dosha without aggravating Vvata or Kapha. The...

Pitta Digest tablets - Certified Organic

Pitta Digest is a dynamic combination of herbs formulated to strengthen digestion without aggravating pitta. Excess pitta causes increased heat,...

Pitta Massage Oil - Certified Organic

Pitta is composed of the elements fire and water. Transformation in the body always requires pitta: digestion, metabolism, temperature maintenance,...

Ayuna | Organic Pitta Spice Mix | 100g | Pitta | For Supporting Your Ayurvedic Lifestyle

Organic Pitta Spice Mix 100gramsIngredients: Coriander seeds, Fennel seeds, Cumin seeds, Cardamom, Turmeric, AjwainAvailable in 100g pack size.

Neoveda | Refresh Pitta Essential Oil | 10ml | Cooling and Soothing

The perfect blend of cooling oils, refresh the body. The aroma is cooling and soothing. A tonic for irritable skin....