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1. Alloutstandinginvoices are to be paid prior placing fresh order, unlessaccount is approved for credit

2. Any claims arising from invoices must be made within seven working daysof receipt of invoice

3. Minimum order size is $200

4. All prices are subject to change due to currency or market fluctuations

5. Order are subject to minimumquantity for some product categories (Bottle, Oil, Soap, Balm)

6. Credit card payment may subject to bank surcharge. (Please consider Direct Deposit or Bank Transfer payment method to avoid any surcharge.

7. Account may only be eligible for credit after credit application approval

8. In case of unavailability of certain products locally, we may choose to fulfil through ourmanufacturer’swarehouseand delivered directly to you.We will advise in advance.

9. Wholesale account does not imply resell of product without our permission

10. Terms and conditions are subject to management change

11. Distributor will not be liable for delays caused by circumstances outside of its control

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13. Distributor is not responsible for any product related quality issue or results of usage, we are happy to pass comment, complaints and issue withthe manufacturer

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