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Maharishi Ayurveda | Vata Tea

 Vata Tea assist whirling mind settles down and body relax. Licorice contributes the sweet taste, useful for pacifying Vata. The...

Ayuna | Organic Vata Spice Mix | 100g | Vata | For Supporting Your Ayurvedic Lifestyle

Organic Vata Spice Mix 100gramsAvailable in 100g pack size.

Maharishi Ayurveda | Vata Spice Blend | Certified Organic | 50gm | Cumin | Ginger | Fenugreek

A tangy balanced blend of Cumin, Ginger, Fenugreek, Turmeric, Sugar, Salt and Asafoetida (Hing). Especially suitable for use on Vata...

Maharishi Ayurveda | Vata Soap | Lemongrass

Maharishi AyurVeda Vata Soap is produced on a purely herbal basis – with natural oils and fragrant aroma essences. With...

Maharishi Ayurveda | Vata Shampoo

Refreshing shampoo specifically formulated for frequent use on for all hair types, particularly for the most sensitive hair. Specific ingredients...

Maharishi Ayurveda | Vata Hair & Scalp Oil | 125ml | Brahmi | Bhrigaraj | Amla

Vata hair oil for normal to dry and brittle hair. For that little extra special care and for providing important...

Hurraw! | Vata Lip Balm | Almond Cardamom Rose | 4.3g

Vata balm:An herbal infusion of ashwanganda.The soothing almond scent is complimented with notes of spicy Guatemalan cardamom and finished off...

Healthy Vata Tablets- Certified Organic

Healthy Vata is a blend formulated of herbs specifically to balance Vata dosha and useful for Vata constitutions to support overall health and...

Vata Digest

Vata Digest - an Ayurvedic formula also known as Hingvastak with key ingredients is Hing (Asafetida). This vata-soothing formulation of...

Neoveda | Relax Vata Essential Oil | 10ml

Warms and relaxes the body. The aroma influences to calm. A tonic for dry skin. Key Ingredient(s)Cinnamon: Cinnamon essential oil...