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Healthy Hair Tablets - Certified Organic

$42.50 AUD
Gray hair and balding can possibly an indication of excess pitta in the system. Healthy Hair combines powerful detoxifying herbs that removes any excess pitta while supporting hair growth. Its main ingredient, Bhringaraj, is known as "the ruler of the hair," famous for supporting the scalp and hair. Healthy Hair function through cleansing the liver, helping the body support hair growth, while providing the necessary nutrients for lustrous head of hair.

Promotes Growth of Thick and Lustrous Hair*

  • Supports robust hair growth*
  • Promotes natural color and luster*
  • Bolsters hair strength and thickness*
Each 500 mg tablet contains: Bhringaraj leaf (Eclipta alba)+, Amalaki fruit (Emblica officinalis)+, Brahmi leaf (Centella asiatica)+, Hibiscus flower (Hibiscus sabdariffa)+.

+Certified Organic

Other ingredients, from natural sources: organic gum acacia, organic rice flour. Free of gluten, soy and dairy. 100% vegetarian.

This item contains no animal products and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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