Henna Hair Dye

Pure Herbal Henna Hair Dye is a 100% Effective Extract for a Rich, Lustrous Red Tint

SATTVIC’s henna hair dye by Khadi is entirely natural to heal and strengthen your scalp and alleviate irritation, making it just right for those with allergies. It colours your hair − including greys − gently yet thoroughly to make it soft, full, and radiant.

A Short Buyer’s Guide for Henna Dye

Our brands are certified organic, have been tested for heavy metals and do not contain harmful synthetic chemicals.

  • Khadi Herbal Hair Colour Pure Henna creates a distinctive vivacious orange-red, glowing copper or luxuriant dark red on bright hair. Red henna hair dye turns brown hair a rich mahogany and dark brown or black hair captures shiny red echoes.
  • Do you want captivating deep black hair? Vegan, completely natural Khadi Herbal Hair Colour Black will provide it without traces of blue. Our black henna hair dye provides a warm to powerfully lustrous midnight black, depending on whether your hair is medium blond or dark. The plant pigments encase each hair to nurture and provide shine, healthy volume, and strength.
  • Are you in the mood for something completely different? Try Herbal Hair Colour Pure Indigo, which will turn your hair a deep, dark black with a blue tinge. Our vegetarian and vegan indigo hair dye will make your hair shimmer with enigmatic blue accents.

For gorgeous black or indigo tints, pre-stain with Khadi Pure Henna first if you have light to medium brown, grey or white hair.

What You Stand to Gain When You Use SATTVIC

All our products are non-toxic, dependable and wholesome because they are within the safety standards demanded by the American National Standards Institute, National Sanitation Foundation and the International Dietary Supplement Standard 173.

  • Our Banyan products are certified organic, meaning that an arbiter inspected and verified that the firm upholds USDA standards, endorses ecological balance, protects biodiversity, and does not support the use of genetic engineering, irradiation, synthetic fertilisers, and sewage sludge. The commodities are tested by independent laboratories in the USA and do not contain arsenic, mercury, lead or cadmium.
  • We accept Direct Bank Deposit, Master Card and VISA payments and determine the applicable shipping charges based on weight when each order is processed. Delivery charges form part of the total value of the order and include an Australia Post tracking number. Communicate with our customer service team concerning the exact charges for Express Post.
  • It takes one to two business days to process an order after payment confirmation. Australia Post’s standard delivery timeframe is anywhere between two to five business days, depending on your location.

Our dyes do not contain artificial additives such as ammonia and peroxides or azo dyes that have wide-ranging negative consequences for human, animal, or environmental health.

Why You Should Buy from SATTVIC

We focus on promoting organic Ayurvedic products and are one of only a few exclusive distributors of renowned brands such as Banyan Botanicals (USA) in Australia and New Zealand. Contact SATTVIC to order your natural hair dye.