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Bhringaraj powder - Certified Organic


Bhringaraj (Eclipta alba) is famous in India for its use as a natural hair tonic. A primary ingredient in most Ayurvedic hair oils, Bhringaraj promotes strong, healthy hair growth and helps maintain the hair's natural color and luster. It is one of the best rejuvenatives for pitta, and has a special affinity for the head. Bhringaraj promotes healthy nails, bones, teeth and a clear complexion. It calms the mind, bolsters the memory and supports healthy eyes and ears. Bhringaraj is also an excellent liver cleanser and supports proper function of the lungs.

Related scientific research references:

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The quintessential Ayurvedic herb for the hair and an excellent rejuvenative for pitta*

  • Supports healthy hair growth*
  • Promotes natural hair color and luster*
  • Promotes healthy skin, bones, teeth, sight, hearing and memory*
  • Supports proper function of the liver and lungs*

Bhringaraj Leaf Powder (Eclipta alba)

This item contains no animal products and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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    Bhringraj Powder

    Discover a world where the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda seamlessly blends with modern needs. With the Bhringraj Powder, experience the magic of natural ingredients working harmoniously to rejuvenate your skin and nourish your hair. Hailing from the heart of India, Sattvic Good and Service brings to Australia the unparalleled benefits of this cherished herb.

    Radiant Skin Begins with Bhringraj Oil

    Revive Your Glow: Fed up with the dullness taking over your radiant skin? Bhringraj helps bring back your natural glow, pushing away the weariness.
    Fight Skin Woes with Nature: Struggling with pesky pimples or the itchy turmoil of psoriasis and dermatitis? This wonder herb has anti-inflammatory properties, providing a natural shield against common skin concerns.

    A Fountain of Youth: Kiss those wrinkles goodbye! It can help your skin look youthful and fresh.

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    Lock Your Hair with Bhringraj Oil

    Strengthen from the Roots: Bhringraj Oil isn't just another hair product. It enriches your hair from the roots, ensuring they get the nourishment they crave. The regular massage of this oil improves blood circulation, delivering all the goodness right where it's needed.

    Say No to Stress-related Hair Woes: The modern world is stressful, but your hair doesn't have to bear the brunt. The calming properties of Bhringraj cool your scalp, reducing stress and its damaging effects on your hair.

    Natural Hair Fall Solution: Hair fall can be disheartening. Thankfully, this herb is enriched with vital minerals and vitamins to combat hair breakage and loss. An overnight oil massage can pave the way for luscious locks.

    DIY Bhringraj Magic for Your Hair

    Simply mix 1 teaspoon of Bhringraj Powder with 3-4 teaspoons of coconut oil. After blending well, apply generously to your scalp. For best results, leave it on overnight and embark on a 4-6 month journey for healthier hair. Always remember to do a patch test first!

    Wellness Beyond External Beauty

    Daily Dose of Goodness: Incorporate Bhringraj into your daily routine. Consume it twice or thrice a day, preferably before meals. Pair it with lukewarm water, cow's ghee, or honey to address respiratory ailments. Battling chronic fever? Mix it with milk. For liver concerns or jaundice, combine it with sugar for optimal benefits.

    An Ancient Gem: Known as Eclipta alba scientifically, Bhringaraj has earned its reputation in India as a potent hair tonic. A cornerstone in Ayurvedic hair care, it promotes strong hair growth and retains its natural sheen and colour. It also contributes to healthy nails, teeth, and a clear complexion. As a bonus, it detoxifies the liver and aids lung function.
    Embrace the holistic benefits of Ayurveda with Sattvic Good and Service. Browse through our range of Bhringraj Powder and Oil and welcome a natural, healthy lifestyle today!