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Gaiam | Performance Block Strap Combo

  • Vendor: Gaiam
  • Product Code: S-2142
  • Availability: In Stock
$23.20 AUD

Safely support and modify poses to suit your level of flexibility with this Yoga Block & Strap Combo. This kit includes a lightweight yet stable sturdy foam block that has beveled edges for easy gripping, offering extra height or support where you need it most. The 180cm long strap is 100% cotton and will help you get deeper into stretches and hold any pose.

Features and Benefits:

  • Safely support and modify poses
  • Improve overall flexibility at any practice level
  • Lightweight yet sturdy foam block
  • Block supports your body to make difficult poses more accessible
  • Strap increases your range of motion
  • 3 Bonus Online workouts

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