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Khadi | Herbal Hair Colour | Pure Indigo | 100gm

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Feel the power of Pure Indigo. With Khadi Pure Indigo herbal hair colour, you dye your hair into a dark, deep black with a shimmering blue nuance. Let yourself be fascinated by the bluish light play in your hair.

The natural hair colour is purely vegetarian and vegan. Because Khadi Pure Indigo consists of 100% pure indigo. This provides a deep black colour and covers all the colours below. However, you need a pre-treatment with Khadi Pure Henna for medium-blond or brighter hair as well as for grey and white hair.

Khadi Pure Indigo is also suitable for mixing reddish nuances if you want to achieve an ashy tone. Or you use it as a rinse to reduce redness.

Khadi Pure Indigo colours your hair perfectly naturally. The colour pigments wraps around each individual hair. It feels strong and healthy - and shines in a shimmering, mysterious blue-black.

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