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Kutki liquid extract | Picrorhiza kurro |30ml


Kutki (Picrorhiza kurroa) is a small perennial herbaceous plant that is very beneficial for all kinds of liver and digestive problems.In the digestive system, Kutki works towards establishing harmony between the abdominal organs.

Initially, Banyan stopped selling this amazingly healing herb out of concern for the long term survival of the species. Now after a long wait and we have achieved Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) cetification. CITES certification indicates that Kutki has been sustainably cultivated in accordance with the requirements.

Suggested Use:
Serving size: 1 ml
Servings per container: 30
Amount Per Serving 100 mg, Herb Weight Equivalence

              Supports Proper Function of the Liver and Immune System*

              • Supports healthy function of the liver*
              • Assists in proper flow and function of the bile*
              • Maintains healthy immune system function*
              • Aids a healthy respiratory system*
              • Balancing for pitta and kapha*

                        Kutki root (Picrorhiza kurroa)+.

                        +Cites Certified

                        Other ingredients, from natural sources: organic non-gmo/gluten-free Grain Alcohol (45-55%), Deionized Water.

                        This item contains no animal products and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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