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Organic European Peppermint Tea

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Indigenous to Europe, menthe x piperita commonly known as peppermint, has an invigorating, cool, refreshing taste. Packed with many health benefits, our peppermint tea also boasts the mintiest peppermint flavor we’ve ever found. Delicious and soothing peppermint tea makes for an experience sure to tingle the senses.

Health Benefits

Peppermint tea is a popular staple for the avid tea connoisseur as well as a must have for anyone who just wants to relax and enjoy a healthy cup of tea. Peppermint tea is sought after not just because it has a delicious southing flavor, but also because it has a number of great health benefits.

May relieve gas and bloating

According to the Maryland Medical Center Peppermint tea helps relax abdominal and digestive smooth muscle. When these muscles relax digestive gases can pass more easily resulting in the relief of bloating.

May reduce heartburn and indigestion

The same smooth muscle relaxation that improves gas relief is also thought to improve bile flow in the stomach, thus improving digestion, according to the Maryland Medical Center.

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